You can choose from eight different courses!

  • Tourism Product and Experience Design, 6 ECTS (A)
  • Digital Marketing Communication and Content Management, 6 ECTS (A)
  • Increasing Competitiveness by Cooperation, 6 ECTS (S)
  • Boosting Sales in Tourism, 3 ECTS (S)
  • Cultural Competence in Customer Service, 3 ECTS (A)
  • Forecasting Tourism in the Age of Uncertainty, 3 ECTS (S)
  • Proactivity and Creative Performance, 3 ECTS (A)
  • Innovation Camp in Product Development, 3 ECTS (S)

(A)= The course is available in the autumn semester 2018

(S)= The course is available in the spring semester 2019

Take all the courses offered or participate in the most interesting ones!


Before participating in the programme, you should have studied a course of basics in marketing.

The courses are also 100% in English. For this reason, you need to speak and understand at the intermediate level. Sufficient IT skills and devices are needed, because the programme is implemented in an online learning environment.


You will be provided an official certificate of all the study courses you have completed.

You will be provided also a diploma if you have completed all the courses in the curriculum.