Tourism Product and Experience Design 6 ECTS

Tourism Product and Experience Design 6 ECTS



The purpose of the course is to enhance the theoretical and practical knowledge of the role of continuous innovation, creative and sustainable use of cultural and natural heritage and co-creation in experience-based product planning and development to overcome the challenges of seasonality.

The role of innovation and co-creation in experience-based product design; niche markets in experience economy; trends in experience-based product design; natural and cultural heritage as a source of creative and competitive product design; seasonality and creative product design; “Local and seasonal” as a new competitive edge; differentiation, adaptation, and continuous innovation in product development; co-creation and repeat visitation; sustainable product pricing



  • designs new innovative experience-based products and services by using insights from an innovation theory, service-design and a co-creation approach.
  • recognizes different market needs in experience-based product development and innovates existing products based on the differentiated needs of the target markets.
  • recognizes the innovative product design opportunities based on trends and seasonality and uses them creatively in new product design.
  • identifies the elements of a competitive edge provided by local cultural and natural heritage and uses them creatively in product design.
  • analyses comparable experience-based products locally and regionally and strengthens product and service competitiveness through product differentiation and networking.
  • identifies opportunities for increased co-creation and uses them in sustainable product development and pricing.

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Tallinn University of Technology, Kuressaare College
Jana Raadik-Cotrell,


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