Digital Marketing Communication and Content Management 6 ECTS

Digital Marketing Communication and Content Management 6 ECTS



The purpose of the course is to provide advanced knowledge, insights and practical skills needed in managing marketing communication in contemporary tourism organisations.


 Using internet as a communication tool in tourism; digital communication models; digital marketing mix (7P) and marketing communication; Internet audience, consumer behaviour and customer profiles; designing digital experience: web sites and mobile marketing; web site design, structure, aesthetics and navigation; content strategy, storytelling and copywriting; marketing in social media and its optimization; traffic building techniques and communication mix; online marketing metrics and analytics



  • recognizes different consumer behaviour models in tourism and online consumer profiles
  • develops a coherent, fully integrated and effective promotion strategy by combining the promotion tools of traditional and digital marketing
  • develops a creative concept of marketing communication including visual expressions of ideas in creative design and creates stories to engage tourists and to induce valuable digital experience for tourists
  • ensures that digital experiences are integrated with the rest of the business, and customer needs are translated into professional site design with content quality, aesthetic design, good navigation and clear structure.
  • understands the relevance of social media to tourism business, is able to integrate social media into a communication strategy and develops an understanding of practical approaches to improve marketing on main social networks.
  • assesses different options for traffic building and uses search engine optimisation, link building, affiliate marketing and display advertising as well as tests engaging paid media placements
  • uses marketing metrics and analytics for analysing the benefits of online marketing communication


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University of Latvia
Aija van der Steina,


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