Innovation Camp in Product Development 3 ECTS

Innovation Camp in Product Development 3 ECTS


The purpose of the course is to deepen the expected learning outcomes of the module in active exchange of ideas and constructive feedback in a multicultural setting. The course focuses on an active learning method in a multicultural setting by using a case study approach in project-based learning in product innovation.


An active learning method; project-based learning in a multicultural setting; case study approach; multicultural and multi-sectoral cooperation in product design and innovation



  • develops active learning skills through project-based learning.
  • identifies opportunities and develops skills for product innovation through immediate idea exchange in a multicultural setting
  • develops enhanced understanding of different target market expectations and needs towards experience based products and services¬† as well as adapting product offerings sensitive to cultural differences.
  • increases skills needed in competitive product design and recognizes opportunities for product development through international, regional and multi-sectoral cooperation
  • enhances skills in how to involve local stakeholders in product design and development


Contact information

Tallinn University of Technology, Kuressaare College
Riia Nelis,

25.2.2019-29.4.2019; the innovation camp in Kuressaare is held during the week 15/2019

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